Billups picks up bill on Anthony trade

It’s funny how from the Piston’s 2004 Championship roster, the only player’s jersey that moved out with me to New York is that of Chauncey Billups.

Seeing as wearing sweatpants to Ikea has yet to catch on, I don’t think my fashion sense has had any impact on New York City.  At a press conference today, Knicks-owner James Dolan ended rumors that clears Billups’ old boss Joe Dumars from having anything to do with Chauncey’s displacement either. So what the hell is going on?

After Lebron got Knicks fans’ blood boiling before he went south to the Heat, to keep from melting away, the Big Apple has been dipped  a “Carmelo apple”, which tastes much like the sweet taste of victory…unless it’s poisoned.

But the Knicks proved tonight one rotten apple won’t ruin the bushel. Douglas and Stoudemire stepped it up with 23 and 19 points respectively. Then of course there was Chauncey- and while some call his personal position in this deal “collateral damage”, from a court-side perspective it would have been illogical to send in Anthony without him.

Billups is a point-guard. His job is to lead the team on the court. Tonight he proved his talent and skills as a professional by doing this without the luxury of practicing with the team first.  His role is to create the opportunities for players like Anthony to prove the hype. OR in scenarios like tonight, it seems more like cleaning up after Anthony to KEEP the hype. Some of Billups’ top plays of the night came off of Anthony’s mistakes. After Anthony takes the bench for his FOURTH personal foul, Billups drives one home, sinking what Anthony couldn’t make in the 3rd quarter. In fact, Anthony only scored once during the 3rd and the assist came from former and present teammate Billups.

Luckily, Anthony got his act together for the last quarter of the show, as Billups stayed consistent throughout making free throws and forcing turnovers.At the end of the night, the chants of “Melo” proved the fans were happy. Carmelo seemed happy. The franchise seemed happy. Hell, I actually sat through an entire Knicks game- that’s gotta make someone happy. The question is was Billups happy? I’m sure he will be if  the Knicks’ program continues to improve…but will it turnaround with the acquisition of one man? Now that’s a bit too “chauncey” even for New York. Thank god we got Billups too!


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Michigan Tech is so far up north, their goalie never saw this coming.

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Tip-off of the Day

“It’s the NBA, if you don’t show up on any given night, one team has to lose. We can’t just show up and expect our talent, who we are, [to be enough]. You’ve got to go out there and execute and play.” – LeBron James

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Go Blue!

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We interrupt this program for a SHOUT-OUT!


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Let’s get him signed to the Lions ASAP…

Johnny McEntee… someone please let me know why he’s third string again?


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I LOVE new phone smell.


1) Miami has been purposely losing during the regular season before unleashing the real Heat in the play-offs.  Watch tomorrow’s game and compare to Miami’s 16 point loss to Indiana earlier this season.

2) Gisele has recently slept with 50 MVP voters. Brady slept with 48.

3) The secret to the Carolina Hurricane’s young talent? EA Sports began releasing the NHL game series when most of the Hurricane’s current roster hit puberty (and Jeff Skinner hit preschool).

4) Former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick has moved on from text messages and is now writing letters from prison…as an advisor to Eminem for Em’s 2013 bid for mayor:


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