Go Blue!

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We interrupt this program for a SHOUT-OUT!


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Let’s get him signed to the Lions ASAP…

Johnny McEntee… someone please let me know why he’s third string again?


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I LOVE new phone smell.


1) Miami has been purposely losing during the regular season before unleashing the real Heat in the play-offs.  Watch tomorrow’s game and compare to Miami’s 16 point loss to Indiana earlier this season.

2) Gisele has recently slept with 50 MVP voters. Brady slept with 48.

3) The secret to the Carolina Hurricane’s young talent? EA Sports began releasing the NHL game series when most of the Hurricane’s current roster hit puberty (and Jeff Skinner hit preschool).

4) Former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick has moved on from text messages and is now writing letters from prison…as an advisor to Eminem for Em’s 2013 bid for mayor:



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NHL All Star Fantasy Draft a success!

It’s the classic throwback to when you were a kid on the baseball field, and they were picking teams and you were just praying not to get picked last. Because how embarrassing is that?

Just ask Toronto’s Phil Kessel how he felt being picked last during last nights NHL All Star Fantasy draft. I mean, hey. You must have done something right if you were voted into the All Star game. Come on, you’re an All Star! But still, no one wants to be picked last. But I guess when you are being picked to be on the team of future Hall-of-Famer Nick Lidstrom, being picked last isn’t THAT bad. And then there’s the car you get out of it too.

Overall, the NHL Fantasy All Star Draft was a great idea. A solid way to bring some excitement to a weekend that ultimately has no significance other than getting the games best in one arena at the same time. The outcome of the All Star game has no bearing on anything at all, but with the new Draft, there’s some bragging rights that go along with the weekend.

Despite some awkward moments during the broadcast of last nights draft, I thought overall it was awesome. Every player in the league has been waiting for the day when the Euro-twins not only play on different teams, but play againsteach other. So as soon as Daniel Sedin was drafted to Team Staal, I can only imagine that hockey fans everywhere started yelling, “NICK, PICK HENRIK!! PICK HENRIK!!”… and of course, Lidstrom failed to disappoint, as always.

But for those of you who missed the awkward and slightly embarrassing draft last night, you missed some good-natured humor. Once there was only 8 skaters left, their chairs were repositioned to one single row directly it front of the stage. One by one they were called up until there was only two left, with the rest of the NHL’s pride and joy looking down upon them. And then, poor Phil Kessel is left sitting alone with 60 some other NHL players staring at him, knowing that this guy is the kid who gets picked last.

And then just for good measure, Superstar Alex Ovechkin, takes out his blackberry, and snaps a picture of Kessel sitting all alone. Ouch. That’s only going to get worse when Ovi owns you on the ice on Sunday.

Nothing like picking on the kid who gets picked last. Even when he is an All Star.


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If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get Out the….Waaaait a Minuttteeeee

Hmm,  Knicks Ice the Heat?

Party in the City where Fields is on?

Bienvenido a Gallinari?

I can keep going? no?

I don’t even know where to start. I have been patiently awaiting this game all week because, well, I’m a long-time Knicks fan and because ever since Bron Bron decided to take his ‘talents’ anywhere but NY I have been a slightly bitter individual. However, he took his talents nowhere last night when not only did he miss over half his shots from fg range, he couldn’t step it up when his team needed him the most. Dear Bron Bron, I’m glad your talents are anywhere but NY. Why? Because we just don’t need you.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how the game works. The beauty of sports is that it’s anyone’s game on any given day. As fans, we love upsets, we thrive on upsets. So clearly, I’m ecstatic about this upset. I know it wasn’t a play-off game and I know Bosh was out and maybe some will say the Knicks got ‘lucky.’ But let me tell you what else I know, I know that this team has heart. Maybe it’s cheesy for someone to say that but you’ll come to realize, I’m a pretty cheesy gal. The truth of the matter is that when you’re playing at a professional level and win or lose there’s still a paycheck, most athletes get caught up in the fame, the money, the endorsements, the partying and the women. They love the ups and all hell breaks loose when the ups become the downs.

The Knicks were down. They were on a 6-game losing streak prior to their win against the Wizards earlier this week. No one started pointing fingers at their coach or complaining about minutes played (note: dream team Miami Heat during their little rut). Instead, they worked harder, they got their act together and they beat the Wizards. Granted, the Wizards are currently 13-31 and have not one a single away game this season, the Knicks pressed even harder and confirmed that they successfully ended the worst of their woes by beating the big, bad, Miami Heat….. without Carmelo Anthony.

Of course with last night’s big W over the Heat comes a lot of post game chatter about the trade that has given everyone something to write about ever since Bron-Bron finally committed to a team. Last night %100  supports what I blogged about earlier regarding why we shouldn’t be so quick to trade our boys for Melo. Do many people argue otherwise? Yes. I understand why, I just don’t agree. I understand that so many sports nuts believe the Knicks NEED Melo. ESPN’s Ian O’Connor is one of them (see Enjoy it while it lasts – because it won’t).  Truthfully, I was excited to wake up this morning and blog about the game and what it means until I read his article and realized a real sports writer totally disagrees with me. At the same time I’m not surprised. Businessmen don’t factor in heart, teamwork or camaraderie in anything, ever. Businessmen focus on stats, the ‘black and white,’ they only speak of what can be proven. This makes sense. I’m just not that type of person. I live in the ‘gray’ area.  So here’s a little bit of both broken down for ya…

Black and White:
Together, the Knicks bench contributed 17 points where as the Heat bench only contributed 8.

The Heat had 5 players contribute to their total 88 points. The Knicks had 8 players contribute to their total of 93 points.

Gray (and way more fun):
Those two stats alone make me proud to be a New York Knick fan. I don’t want one guy to carry us through our ups and downs, that is the job of an entire team. Last night, our entire team pushed through a 9-point, 4th-quarter deficit in a game that had been Dwayne Wade dominated to end up holding him to only one point in the minutes that mattered most. Who made that happen? The New York Knicks. Not one player, the entire team, including D’Antoni. How much more fun is a team that doesn’t have to depend on one or two guys to get them through every game? How much more fun is a team that understands the definition of TEAM and has every single player contribute either on offense or defense? Way more fun, kids, waaay more fun.

Both Amare and D.Wade were big time contributors for their teams, until the 4th quarter. Both big shots were very well defended and D.Wade would have had a stellar game if the game ended at the end of the 3rd. He went from 14-15 to 14-22. Contributing only one point in the 4th and only hitting 6 of 14 free-throw attempts. Let’s cough up the change of his game in the 4th to Fields playing sick defense. However, the cough becomes a choke when you can’t hit your free-throws to keep your team in the game.

Amare wasn’t given very many opportunities to put the ball in the basket in the 4th despite scoring 20ish points prior. He, like Wade, still worked hard and played D but as far as putting up points in the 4th, both leading scorers were shut down and that’s where the cheesy gray area kicks in.

What did the Knicks have over the Heat last night? I’ll say it over and over again. Team spirit, teamwork, camaraderie and my personal favorite… HEART.  Amare was shut down and so everyone else stepped up. They couldn’t have paid for a 3point fg to fall their way last night but they kept shooting them anyways and guess what? They finally sank ‘em when it counted, the final 1:30 of the game. They didn’t depend on their all-star to bring their team to the finish line despite being guarded like spalding on a basketball. They worked TOGETHER and they found other ways to win.
This is what a team is all about. This is why Spike Lee comes to these games decked in orange and blue, this is why I was jumping on a bed and silently fist pumping while at work last night, this is why Manhattan is rocking their Knicks gear today, this is why Stoudy is the first Knick since ’92 to start in an NBA All-Star game, this is why our boys say they can’t picture playing anywhere else. It’s because We Are The New York Knicks.

Keep this team together and wait for Melo to become a free agent and if we don’t get him, fine. We will get the next one. And there will be a next one, there always is.

yay for cheesy gray areas.


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Female football ref? What’s your opinion?

Ok so what’s everyone’s opinion on this??

A female professional football referee.


At first I was like, yes! Break the boundaries of sexism in male dominated sports! But then as I read the article it got me thinking. This woman never played football.

I played volleyball from age 10 though college and as any athlete would agree, nothing would infuriate me more than when an official would keep missing “touches” on key points. It would make my blood boil if the official making the mistakes was a 50 year old man and had no experience playing volleyball, but just decided to be trained as a referee to make money.

I’m a firm believer that if you didn’t play the sport on an organized team then you should not be allowed to referee it. Sure anyone can learn the rules and memorize facts, but if you haven’t played the sport then it’s so easy to miss certain aspects to the game because you’ve never experienced the situation first hand.

So my final stance on this topic is not based on the fact that she is a woman wanting to judge a predominantly male sport, but rather that she has no experience playing football and therefore cannot fully understand everything about the sport.

So I say, “Cat Conti,go play on a women’s or co-ed touch football team for a year and then come back.”

What do you think?


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Jimmer, is it pronounced Fridette or Forget?

43 points in one game. That’s 5 more than Lebron dumped on Toronto last week.

Last night, while shopping for San Diego’s first L of the season, BYU’s Jimmer Fredette cashed in 43 points earning a spot in Kevin Durant’s Twitter saying “Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world!!”

Fredette, who averages 27.4 points per game plays with a finesse that makes it look easy to score, however it’s college ball. Even I found it was easy to score in college. So what does this mean for Fredette’s future?

In a phone interview with ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt, Fredette made it clear he sees himself as a point guard in the NBA. Being a Spartan of the Neitzel era, I’m all for 6-foot something white point guards, but the NBA is the big show. He better bring his game…or fridette about it. I’ll be staying tuned…


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lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to get you through your hump day swag..

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to trade or not to trade? that is the question.

Oh heeeelll no.

Don’t do it Walsh, just say no.

Why would we even consider trading guys like Chandler after the type of break-out performance he had last night? Good teams are made up of playerS not a single player. Year in and year out we witness teams that struggle because it’s a one man show.(Lebron, cough, Lebron) Granted, Bron Bron had Shaq for a bit and if we went through with a Melo trade we would still have Stoude in the supporting cast, but why risk losing what the Knicks have been doing so well this season and that most teams struggle to find? TEAMWORK people, CAMARADERIE, working TOGETHER, playing with HEART. College sports has forever had this edge over the the pros! It’s so hard to find but it’s so contagious when you find it. Lombardi said it best, kiddies, ‘When the going gets tough, you get tougher, and you win.’ One of my all time favorite quotes. The Knicks have been poop for the past 10ish years. Why trade some of the guys who have contributed so much to this team for one ‘all star’ player? It will ruin what the Knicks have worked so hard to achieve. Melo is an UNRESTRICTED free agent at the end of the season, everyone knows he wants to come back ‘home.’ So why in the hell are we trying so hard and risking so much when we can potentially have it all if we just wait it out until the end of the season? I mean, the Nuggs are denying our offers left and right and I’m SO happy about that because I think New York is at a loss if we are willing to let go of guys like Fields and Chandler who have both proven to be hard-working, talented, individuals so far this season.It’s a rebuilding year for the Knicks and they are doing a fantastic job of working together during this time and putting on some solid performances while they do so. Am I wrong? Come on, it’s the first time in a while that I’ve seen the people of Manhattan rockin the old school NYK Starter jackets (love em),hats, jerseys, etc. The fans are excited, the boys are back in town.

So listen up, Walsh, take a seat, relax, and enjoy the show. Patience is a virtue, New York is counting on you, don’t screw this whole teamwork thing up for one dude. Yes, Melo has a lot to offer and would significantly help out Stoude BUT we would be a serious threat as a TEAM if we could keep this stellar supporting cast. Chandler, Fields, Raymond…these boys are working hard and for the most part, they have been performing well. As a Knicks fan, these are the moments I have been waiting for since I was like 14-years-old. Keep the faith.


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