NHL All Star Fantasy Draft a success!

It’s the classic throwback to when you were a kid on the baseball field, and they were picking teams and you were just praying not to get picked last. Because how embarrassing is that?

Just ask Toronto’s Phil Kessel how he felt being picked last during last nights NHL All Star Fantasy draft. I mean, hey. You must have done something right if you were voted into the All Star game. Come on, you’re an All Star! But still, no one wants to be picked last. But I guess when you are being picked to be on the team of future Hall-of-Famer Nick Lidstrom, being picked last isn’t THAT bad. And then there’s the car you get out of it too.

Overall, the NHL Fantasy All Star Draft was a great idea. A solid way to bring some excitement to a weekend that ultimately has no significance other than getting the games best in one arena at the same time. The outcome of the All Star game has no bearing on anything at all, but with the new Draft, there’s some bragging rights that go along with the weekend.

Despite some awkward moments during the broadcast of last nights draft, I thought overall it was awesome. Every player in the league has been waiting for the day when the Euro-twins not only play on different teams, but play againsteach other. So as soon as Daniel Sedin was drafted to Team Staal, I can only imagine that hockey fans everywhere started yelling, “NICK, PICK HENRIK!! PICK HENRIK!!”… and of course, Lidstrom failed to disappoint, as always.

But for those of you who missed the awkward and slightly embarrassing draft last night, you missed some good-natured humor. Once there was only 8 skaters left, their chairs were repositioned to one single row directly it front of the stage. One by one they were called up until there was only two left, with the rest of the NHL’s pride and joy looking down upon them. And then, poor Phil Kessel is left sitting alone with 60 some other NHL players staring at him, knowing that this guy is the kid who gets picked last.

And then just for good measure, Superstar Alex Ovechkin, takes out his blackberry, and snaps a picture of Kessel sitting all alone. Ouch. That’s only going to get worse when Ovi owns you on the ice on Sunday.

Nothing like picking on the kid who gets picked last. Even when he is an All Star.


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