I feel like maybe the Knicks should change their starting line-up walk-out jam to I’m only gonna break your heart . As a huge NYK fan, my heart has broken a bit more eveeeery single time we have played the Celtics this season.  I think I can speak for the majority of Knick fans when I say that I have this never-ending hope that MAYBE just maybe we will pull off the dramatic win in the final seconds.  I’m so over watching the Celtic fans at the NYC bars be the ones who get to scream and shout come the final buzzer. IIII want to the be one screaming and shouting, dang it.


The goal of this trade was to get to the play-offs, was it not?


So, please explain to me how 2 of our makeshift ‘big three’ are on the bench during a playoff series against the Boston Celtics. A ‘sore knee,’ Billups? Really? My best friend in college played ball on a FULLY TORN ACL. Back spasms, Amare? Really? My back was spasming during my coed, rinky-dink, pick-up soccer game 2 weeks ago. What is this nonsense? Don’t get me wrong, I understand the severity of injuries…when they’re sever. MAYBE I could have understood Billups sitting out game 2 but truly believe he should have finished up game 1. I MAYBE I could have understood Amare sitting out ONE quarter of game 2 but not the entire game. MAN UP. You’re professional, grown-ass men. Even ‘Big-Baby’ found it in him to get up after nearly crushing those floor seat fans. He could have complained of a sore bum but nope, that large dude showed Scarlet how to really deal with a tumble..he  got riiight back on the court.

Melo was a one man show last night. Everyone praised him and I totally understand why… that was an all-star performance. However, this is what we paid for, this is what we traded for. We ‘needed’ an all-star and so we gave up good, young, talent for one. It was annoying to read blogs last night and facebook posts/tweets/morse code signals/faxes/texts/g-chat statuses referencing what a great idea this trade was when on Sunday night when Melo was nowhere to be found and wasn’t the ‘closer’ he’s known to be, no one had anyyyything to say about the trade.   The truth of the matter is that we CAN compete with the Celtics.  We have shown that we can hang with them both in the regular season and in the playoffs. In order to actually BEAT the Celtics, every single New York Knick needs to show up. We can’t have 2 of our 3 big guys on the bench with injuries. We can’t have D’Antoni giving Melo the ball in the final seconds of a game and Melo putting up the most ridiculous, unnecessary shot. We can’t have Jeffries turning over the ball in the final play of the game. We need every single player making shots, hitting the boards, playing d, moving the ball around, getting tips in, being vocal. We need it all. We need it all because that’s what teams like the Celtics bring to every game they play.


We played our little hearts out despite 2 key players being MIA. Everyone managed to contribute in their own way and this will help the bench become more and more confident if and when they are called upon again throughout the play-offs. It was easy to see nerves were in play from the first 2 free-throws of the game until the last turnover of the game. I do believe we will see more  of the youngins and that they will begin to contribute more. Let’s get em.
Melo proved that he could bounce back from a not-so-hot game one performance. He put up some filthy play-off stats. Let’s get him to be a bit more consistent and his supporting cast back and we’re in.


Game 3 at OUR Garden this Friday… Welcome to NYC, Celts. Here’s to history doing what it does best… repeating itself. 

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LeBron bomba!

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Kemba Walkeeee..iiiit ouuuut

Kemba Walked it out of Madison Square Garden a happy, haaapppy camper after drownin’ the game winning shot to top off Pitt. I mean really, Kemba? Just stop…Why is it that even though the world knew Mr. Walker would take that shot, he still took it.. sunk it.. and won his boys the game? Cause he’s dirty, that’s why. Did you see that step back? I meaaaan, you don’t learn those kinda moves in zumba, that takes some some serious skill. He worked the clock with total confidence and had Gary McGhee trippin…literally. But in all seriousness, I could write about the wonders of March madness all day. Honestly, forget Christmas, this is easily the most wonderful time of the year.

On another note, I was clearly impressed with Walker and now I’m hangin on the couch, a few beers deep, watching the Heat-Laker game and wondering who/what/where/when/why/how is Kobe choking? I was so ready to hate on Bron’ Bron’ for missing another game winner and then Kobe comes along and just steals his thunder, the entire game. It’s a serious battle of the Pre-Madonna NBA teams right now and the fact that the Heat are about to win is a total buzz-kill. I don’t even want to write anymore, womp-womp.

On a more positive note, totes looking forward to watching the Knicks game (clearly I’m Knicks lover, see: WLR shoot)  as it would be a huge away w for my boys. Mavs are a good side. Let’s get em.

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Never Say Never

And never say a team is “out of the playoff race” halfway through the season, no matter how far behind they may be.

The New Jersey Devils had a lot going for them when the season started. They had the most successful goaltender of all time in Martin Brodeur and they had acquired superstar Ilya Kovalchuk after making headlines and creating drama within the NHL by attempting to sign a contract spanning almost 2 decades (the NHL and the Devils settled on a 15 year contract).  But their glee was short-lived. As we were all ringing in the New Year, sipping Champagne and celebrating the start of 2011, the Devils were a team that had nothing to celebrate… They were the worst team in the NHL, almost 30 points out of the playoff race. The rest of the world had counted them out of any hopes of a post-season Cup run…

But it’s been just a little over 2 months since that date, they now sit within 8 points of a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. They have had only 1 regulation loss since the beginning of February. Since the “emergency take over” by Devils ex-coach Jacques Lemaire, the Devils have pulled a total 180. It’s absolutely crazy to think that this is the same team it was in December. Insane really.

But it’s started the buzz among the sports world…If they make a run in this last month and find themselves with a playoff spot, is this the greatest sports season comeback of all time?

Is it greater than the comeback of the 1978 New York Yankees? Or how about the Red Sox coming back to sweep the Yanks in 2004? Remember when the Spartans beat the Northwestern Wildcats solely in the 3rd and 4th quarters, coming back to score 38 points in a little over 20 minutes of play — the biggest comeback in NCAA history? Or Kerri Strug’s dramatic gold metal winning vault attempt while Bela Karolyi screamed his infamous “YOU CAN DO IT!” from the sidelines? Greater than Bobby Thompson’s “shot heard round the world”? And then… Who can forget the miracle on ice?

No, probably not. The Devil’s comeback is quite an amazing ride but until they get a Stanley Cup out of this run, you can’t count out all of the other amazing comebacks in sports history. And that’s the great thing about the sports world… There’s always a team or a player on the verge of a history making comeback.

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Knicks IN HEAT!

I knew I was going to get some this weekend. Some Knicks and Heat action guaranteed me at least one solid night.

The foreplay was great. For the first 3 minutes I was solely focused on the Heat, and forgot the Knicks had even showed up. Then suddenly Carmelo blocks a shot, lassoes the ball clear across the court to Stoudemire who takes it all the way with a mean dunk. Bring it Lebron. Actually, Lebron brought it. So did Bosh and Wade. However, they all fell behind Anthony whose 29 points made him the leading scorer in a game that was predicted to have higher numbers on offense.

The second and third quarters left me wondering if come playoff season, Miami will erupt in the heat of competition and unleash havoc like we’ve never seen. In fact, at one point we clicked over to see James Franco in a dress at the Oscars, which actually seemed less emasculating than when we clicked back to the game and three Knicks were slowly getting up from the floor as a Miami employee rushed on to the court to mop up. Maybe they should put a jersey on him and call him the fourth Heatle (Get it, like the Beatles? Shoutout to the roommate for that one), but in all seriousness Miami DOES need more than just their triad of fancy tricks if they’re going to penetrate defenses like the Celtics or Bulls- otherwise it’s premature evacuation of American Airlines arena this season.

Things started to get freaky at the end of the third when Anthony made it a one-point game. Of course the climax for me was when Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups, hit a magical 3-pointer to give New York their first lead with only a minute left in the game. New York rode that last minute all the way out WITH solid protection not letting any of the Heat’s shots come through.

Time for my cigarette.

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Last night I was at a party…

…and was asked “What are your teams?” Next time I’m asked that, I might just save time and refer them to this post.  Such a loaded question.


Can’t vouch much for the Spartans after a shitty season and today’s 20 point loss to Purdue, but I’m in the Izzone for life. Kalin Lucas was “the” freshman my last year at State, so once he’s out I’ll officially feel old. In terms of teams I’m following this season, one of my roommates went to Lafayette…the other was a Longhorn…and the old roommate loves the Buckeyes. Should make for an interesting March around here.

The “Bad Boys” era and the more recent days when there were TWO Wallaces on the team are my favorite Pistons’ rosters, but like all other basketball in Michigan this year, they’re sucking…and sulking. Although if Phil Jackson is calling they’re recent sit-out a” black-eye for the NBA”, I might agree, but still find myself ready to rally in the Stones’ defense…really because I’m just  not a Phil Jackson fan. It’s not personal. It’s just you’re the head coach of the Lakers.

Honest confession though? I do watch a fair amount of Laker games. In fact the game is on right now and I like to appreciate watching good ball, but it’s Shannon Brown who really warmed me up to them. School and name affiliation aside, that kid has mad hot potential and maturity that will take him far. LA is definitely a good fit for him right now and I’m excited for the rest of his career.


I grew up in Hockeytown. My nickname is Shannie, and I have a set of Russian Five dolls straight from Russia. Figure that one out…

I do, however, have a prediction  of 2016-2017 back to back Stanley Cups for the Hurricanes.


My great Uncle was an usher at Tiger Stadium/Comerica Park for over 50 years, so Tigers baseball is as much of my upbringing as my love for Faygo. You may not have known this, but I was actually a part of the Curtis Granderson trade, seeing as we moved to New York around the same time. Now there’s a cardboard cutout of him in Tigers’ stripes proudly posted for all to see from my apartment window. He, like Shannon Brown, is another Michigan-affiliated athlete who’s career I will continue to monitor closely and enjoy as a lifelong fan. Like Brown, he’s a young player showing immense maturity and talent on one of the leagues’ consistently top teams. I fantasize about dinner with him and Chauncey Billups at Michael Jordan’s “The Steak House NYC”. I hope it happens before Billups bounces, which I won’t be surprised if is sooner than expected.


Big Ten and Midwest football are very important to me. When my ex moved out last fall I went through a period of depression, refusing to leave my apartment…until I realized how much the Big Ten Network would crank my cable bill. Football Saturdays at Blondie’s saved my social life. Although Jets fans almost forced me back inside. I REALLY don’t like sharing a bar with them, let alone a city. Thank God they retreat back to Long Island and Jersey for the Nets’ and Mets’ seasons.


I’m one of those who isn’t entirely convinced NASCAR should be considered a sport, so I have no problem admitting that my attraction to Danica Patrick has nothing to do with her ability as an “athlete”. I also make this exception for the Manning brothers- but that’s because I think it would be fascinating to be a part of that casual get the family together for a  post-Thanksgiving-dinner football game in the yard.

I could keep going. My mom is a gym teacher- I like ALL sports, but I’m gonna bounce out to see Lupe Fiasco in Williamsburg. I’m loving his new song with John Legend!


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How the west has won!

Denver’s win over the Eastern conference’s elite Green was a true testament to the fact that Carmelo may have gone east-coasat-whack, but the West is still where it’s at.


What happened Boston? Paul Revere never mentioned the gold rush was coming???

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Billups picks up bill on Anthony trade

It’s funny how from the Piston’s 2004 Championship roster, the only player’s jersey that moved out with me to New York is that of Chauncey Billups.

Seeing as wearing sweatpants to Ikea has yet to catch on, I don’t think my fashion sense has had any impact on New York City.  At a press conference today, Knicks-owner James Dolan ended rumors that clears Billups’ old boss Joe Dumars from having anything to do with Chauncey’s displacement either. So what the hell is going on?

After Lebron got Knicks fans’ blood boiling before he went south to the Heat, to keep from melting away, the Big Apple has been dipped  a “Carmelo apple”, which tastes much like the sweet taste of victory…unless it’s poisoned.

But the Knicks proved tonight one rotten apple won’t ruin the bushel. Douglas and Stoudemire stepped it up with 23 and 19 points respectively. Then of course there was Chauncey- and while some call his personal position in this deal “collateral damage”, from a court-side perspective it would have been illogical to send in Anthony without him.

Billups is a point-guard. His job is to lead the team on the court. Tonight he proved his talent and skills as a professional by doing this without the luxury of practicing with the team first.  His role is to create the opportunities for players like Anthony to prove the hype. OR in scenarios like tonight, it seems more like cleaning up after Anthony to KEEP the hype. Some of Billups’ top plays of the night came off of Anthony’s mistakes. After Anthony takes the bench for his FOURTH personal foul, Billups drives one home, sinking what Anthony couldn’t make in the 3rd quarter. In fact, Anthony only scored once during the 3rd and the assist came from former and present teammate Billups.

Luckily, Anthony got his act together for the last quarter of the show, as Billups stayed consistent throughout making free throws and forcing turnovers.At the end of the night, the chants of “Melo” proved the fans were happy. Carmelo seemed happy. The franchise seemed happy. Hell, I actually sat through an entire Knicks game- that’s gotta make someone happy. The question is was Billups happy? I’m sure he will be if  the Knicks’ program continues to improve…but will it turnaround with the acquisition of one man? Now that’s a bit too “chauncey” even for New York. Thank god we got Billups too!


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Michigan Tech is so far up north, their goalie never saw this coming.

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Tip-off of the Day

“It’s the NBA, if you don’t show up on any given night, one team has to lose. We can’t just show up and expect our talent, who we are, [to be enough]. You’ve got to go out there and execute and play.” – LeBron James

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