Knicks IN HEAT!

I knew I was going to get some this weekend. Some Knicks and Heat action guaranteed me at least one solid night.

The foreplay was great. For the first 3 minutes I was solely focused on the Heat, and forgot the Knicks had even showed up. Then suddenly Carmelo blocks a shot, lassoes the ball clear across the court to Stoudemire who takes it all the way with a mean dunk. Bring it Lebron. Actually, Lebron brought it. So did Bosh and Wade. However, they all fell behind Anthony whose 29 points made him the leading scorer in a game that was predicted to have higher numbers on offense.

The second and third quarters left me wondering if come playoff season, Miami will erupt in the heat of competition and unleash havoc like we’ve never seen. In fact, at one point we clicked over to see James Franco in a dress at the Oscars, which actually seemed less emasculating than when we clicked back to the game and three Knicks were slowly getting up from the floor as a Miami employee rushed on to the court to mop up. Maybe they should put a jersey on him and call him the fourth Heatle (Get it, like the Beatles? Shoutout to the roommate for that one), but in all seriousness Miami DOES need more than just their triad of fancy tricks if they’re going to penetrate defenses like the Celtics or Bulls- otherwise it’s premature evacuation of American Airlines arena this season.

Things started to get freaky at the end of the third when Anthony made it a one-point game. Of course the climax for me was when Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups, hit a magical 3-pointer to give New York their first lead with only a minute left in the game. New York rode that last minute all the way out WITH solid protection not letting any of the Heat’s shots come through.

Time for my cigarette.

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