Last night I was at a party…

…and was asked “What are your teams?” Next time I’m asked that, I might just save time and refer them to this post.  Such a loaded question.


Can’t vouch much for the Spartans after a shitty season and today’s 20 point loss to Purdue, but I’m in the Izzone for life. Kalin Lucas was “the” freshman my last year at State, so once he’s out I’ll officially feel old. In terms of teams I’m following this season, one of my roommates went to Lafayette…the other was a Longhorn…and the old roommate loves the Buckeyes. Should make for an interesting March around here.

The “Bad Boys” era and the more recent days when there were TWO Wallaces on the team are my favorite Pistons’ rosters, but like all other basketball in Michigan this year, they’re sucking…and sulking. Although if Phil Jackson is calling they’re recent sit-out a” black-eye for the NBA”, I might agree, but still find myself ready to rally in the Stones’ defense…really because I’m just  not a Phil Jackson fan. It’s not personal. It’s just you’re the head coach of the Lakers.

Honest confession though? I do watch a fair amount of Laker games. In fact the game is on right now and I like to appreciate watching good ball, but it’s Shannon Brown who really warmed me up to them. School and name affiliation aside, that kid has mad hot potential and maturity that will take him far. LA is definitely a good fit for him right now and I’m excited for the rest of his career.


I grew up in Hockeytown. My nickname is Shannie, and I have a set of Russian Five dolls straight from Russia. Figure that one out…

I do, however, have a prediction  of 2016-2017 back to back Stanley Cups for the Hurricanes.


My great Uncle was an usher at Tiger Stadium/Comerica Park for over 50 years, so Tigers baseball is as much of my upbringing as my love for Faygo. You may not have known this, but I was actually a part of the Curtis Granderson trade, seeing as we moved to New York around the same time. Now there’s a cardboard cutout of him in Tigers’ stripes proudly posted for all to see from my apartment window. He, like Shannon Brown, is another Michigan-affiliated athlete who’s career I will continue to monitor closely and enjoy as a lifelong fan. Like Brown, he’s a young player showing immense maturity and talent on one of the leagues’ consistently top teams. I fantasize about dinner with him and Chauncey Billups at Michael Jordan’s “The Steak House NYC”. I hope it happens before Billups bounces, which I won’t be surprised if is sooner than expected.


Big Ten and Midwest football are very important to me. When my ex moved out last fall I went through a period of depression, refusing to leave my apartment…until I realized how much the Big Ten Network would crank my cable bill. Football Saturdays at Blondie’s saved my social life. Although Jets fans almost forced me back inside. I REALLY don’t like sharing a bar with them, let alone a city. Thank God they retreat back to Long Island and Jersey for the Nets’ and Mets’ seasons.


I’m one of those who isn’t entirely convinced NASCAR should be considered a sport, so I have no problem admitting that my attraction to Danica Patrick has nothing to do with her ability as an “athlete”. I also make this exception for the Manning brothers- but that’s because I think it would be fascinating to be a part of that casual get the family together for a  post-Thanksgiving-dinner football game in the yard.

I could keep going. My mom is a gym teacher- I like ALL sports, but I’m gonna bounce out to see Lupe Fiasco in Williamsburg. I’m loving his new song with John Legend!

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