Kemba Walkeeee..iiiit ouuuut

Kemba Walked it out of Madison Square Garden a happy, haaapppy camper after drownin’ the game winning shot to top off Pitt. I mean really, Kemba? Just stop…Why is it that even though the world knew Mr. Walker would take that shot, he still took it.. sunk it.. and won his boys the game? Cause he’s dirty, that’s why. Did you see that step back? I meaaaan, you don’t learn those kinda moves in zumba, that takes some some serious skill. He worked the clock with total confidence and had Gary McGhee trippin…literally. But in all seriousness, I could write about the wonders of March madness all day. Honestly, forget Christmas, this is easily the most wonderful time of the year.

On another note, I was clearly impressed with Walker and now I’m hangin on the couch, a few beers deep, watching the Heat-Laker game and wondering who/what/where/when/why/how is Kobe choking? I was so ready to hate on Bron’ Bron’ for missing another game winner and then Kobe comes along and just steals his thunder, the entire game. It’s a serious battle of the Pre-Madonna NBA teams right now and the fact that the Heat are about to win is a total buzz-kill. I don’t even want to write anymore, womp-womp.

On a more positive note, totes looking forward to watching the Knicks game (clearly I’m Knicks lover, see: WLR shoot)  as it would be a huge away w for my boys. Mavs are a good side. Let’s get em.

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