to trade or not to trade? that is the question.

Oh heeeelll no.

Don’t do it Walsh, just say no.

Why would we even consider trading guys like Chandler after the type of break-out performance he had last night? Good teams are made up of playerS not a single player. Year in and year out we witness teams that struggle because it’s a one man show.(Lebron, cough, Lebron) Granted, Bron Bron had Shaq for a bit and if we went through with a Melo trade we would still have Stoude in the supporting cast, but why risk losing what the Knicks have been doing so well this season and that most teams struggle to find? TEAMWORK people, CAMARADERIE, working TOGETHER, playing with HEART. College sports has forever had this edge over the the pros! It’s so hard to find but it’s so contagious when you find it. Lombardi said it best, kiddies, ‘When the going gets tough, you get tougher, and you win.’ One of my all time favorite quotes. The Knicks have been poop for the past 10ish years. Why trade some of the guys who have contributed so much to this team for one ‘all star’ player? It will ruin what the Knicks have worked so hard to achieve. Melo is an UNRESTRICTED free agent at the end of the season, everyone knows he wants to come back ‘home.’ So why in the hell are we trying so hard and risking so much when we can potentially have it all if we just wait it out until the end of the season? I mean, the Nuggs are denying our offers left and right and I’m SO happy about that because I think New York is at a loss if we are willing to let go of guys like Fields and Chandler who have both proven to be hard-working, talented, individuals so far this season.It’s a rebuilding year for the Knicks and they are doing a fantastic job of working together during this time and putting on some solid performances while they do so. Am I wrong? Come on, it’s the first time in a while that I’ve seen the people of Manhattan rockin the old school NYK Starter jackets (love em),hats, jerseys, etc. The fans are excited, the boys are back in town.

So listen up, Walsh, take a seat, relax, and enjoy the show. Patience is a virtue, New York is counting on you, don’t screw this whole teamwork thing up for one dude. Yes, Melo has a lot to offer and would significantly help out Stoude BUT we would be a serious threat as a TEAM if we could keep this stellar supporting cast. Chandler, Fields, Raymond…these boys are working hard and for the most part, they have been performing well. As a Knicks fan, these are the moments I have been waiting for since I was like 14-years-old. Keep the faith.


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