Let me hear you saaaaaay…GO NY, GO NY…. no?

Born and raised in this great state but I mean, really? This is my first post, so let me apologize for my bitter approach. However, a New York January in this new fabulous year of 2011 has brought meeee (in no specific order of crappyness)….

  • an exboyfriend winding up all over TMZ for his new ‘celebrity rehab’ fling
  • the loss of my papou who was hands down one of THE best men to grace my life
  • a 6 game, NYK losing streak after a teeeease of a win against the Spurs
  • a Rodgers/Greenbay win over Crapler and Da Bearrrrs, which led to the elimination of my Gmen
  • it’s effing cold outside and I’m tired of snow and slush and crappy commutes.

The Knicks gave us play-off hope but are currently struggling to stay over 500 and although I’m a Giants fan, the Jets were New York’s only hope of giving us something to talk about other than this redonkulous weather.

J-E-T-S… (Mets use the same chant, could be problem numer uno)

No more email alerts regarding Rexy poo’s ability to talk smack or his freaky feet obsesh. Got old (and just weird), fast.

Roethlisberger doesn’t do it for me. Could be the significant amount of bear-ish facial hair or his tendency to force himself on women. Rodgers is a solid and respectable qb but the bad news herem ladies, is there will be no more sanchez to gue-gue-ga-ga over.

Two of the more well known rooks are going at it tonight as Fields and the Knicks host ‘teach me how to douggie’ Wall and the Wizards. So far it seems as if Wall is showing Fields how it’s done buuut the Knicks are still hoping (as am I) to put an end to this miserable 6 game losing streak and grab their first W since January 12th.


The bad news comes first this time and it’s that exactly one year ago the Knicks showcased their worst home loss in the history of the franchise…wompwomp

good news is that aaalmost exactly 10 years ago (Jan 23, 1991), my boy Ewing scored 34 points, had 11 boards and blocked NINE shots to break a 6 game losing streak over the Jazz. Who cares about 1 year anniversaries? I’m feelin a 10-year-anni comin’ along. Step it up, Stoudey.

AT HALF– Tie game, Chandler contributing in swishing and dishing with 14 points and 5 assists. Stoude and Felton in double digits and not far behind Chandler with 13 and 12, respectively.

Let’s get em.


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