Female football ref? What’s your opinion?

Ok so what’s everyone’s opinion on this??

A female professional football referee.


At first I was like, yes! Break the boundaries of sexism in male dominated sports! But then as I read the article it got me thinking. This woman never played football.

I played volleyball from age 10 though college and as any athlete would agree, nothing would infuriate me more than when an official would keep missing “touches” on key points. It would make my blood boil if the official making the mistakes was a 50 year old man and had no experience playing volleyball, but just decided to be trained as a referee to make money.

I’m a firm believer that if you didn’t play the sport on an organized team then you should not be allowed to referee it. Sure anyone can learn the rules and memorize facts, but if you haven’t played the sport then it’s so easy to miss certain aspects to the game because you’ve never experienced the situation first hand.

So my final stance on this topic is not based on the fact that she is a woman wanting to judge a predominantly male sport, but rather that she has no experience playing football and therefore cannot fully understand everything about the sport.

So I say, “Cat Conti,go play on a women’s or co-ed touch football team for a year and then come back.”

What do you think?


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