Screw Sportsmanship, Bring On The Blood!

If someone were to ask me, “What’s your favorite sport and why?” I wouldn’t hesitate with my response. “Hockey, because they kick each other’s ass.” It’s great watching athletes rough house without having possession of the ball or puck and throw down gloves and attack when they get pissed. Waiting in the crease for that prime pass? You better believe that goalie is going to be knocking you from behind while trying to avoid your screen.

And what’s the punishment? Not a $100,000 fine or a good talking to by the head of their organization and not a front page story saying you’re too rough, but a measly 2 minutes of sitting in a box.

Growing up watching the Red Wings, I refused to watch the Flyers at first when I moved to Philadelphia.  I must say after 3 years here, I’ve grown to love the Flyers and especially after last night’s game vs. the Senators, they’ve gained my attention.

I’ll sum in up in one sentence:  126 penalty minutes including 10 fighting majors in the third period.

Now that’s my kind of game.

Philadelphia scored twice in the first and once in the second period while Ottawa scored 2 goals in the second and struggled the rest of the game. The third period is when the game turned vicious and reminded me of a gang brawl in North Philly. Hartnell, van Reimsdyk and Meszaros each scored frustrating the Senators to the point that they knew they wouldn’t be able to catch up. There were so many sticks and gloves on the ice it looked like a Dick’s Sporting Goods store threw up.  I wish I was alive to watch the Broad Street Bullies in action, but I feel like this game makes up for that.  The Senators and the Flyers had a combined 126 penalty minutes with Ottawa taking 15 penalties for 69 minutes and Flyers 13 penalties for 57 minutes.

The best part is players who aren’t usually enforcers, like Jeff Carter, were fighting. A quote from ESPN, “I wasn’t doing much else out there, so I figured I’d do something,” Carter said.”

Winning 6-2, this was a great game for the Flyers as the Senators failed to score. I guess the only thing Ottawa could do was drop their gloves.

I’d really love to see a goalie fight.  Oh well, maybe next time.

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