Rock Me Like A Hurricane!

Hey! Hey! Hockeytown!

Shout out to Detroit! And congrats on signing the decade-and-a-half-late Russian sixth by nabbing Nabokov. Last night while you were in St.Louis, riding out the Blues- I was emotionally cheating. I watched a Rangers game.

Please don’t be upset. It was nothing , really- in fact Brandon Sutter almost looks like a man compared to the Ranger’s offense. He scored the Hurricane’s 3rd goal half way through the second period. Check out the manly features the 21 year-old  alternate captain has to look forward to in this father, Brett Sutter.

I got prematurely excited when I thought I had found the Littlest Bash brother. It turns out he’s just the NHL’s baby brother. Both Ken Wu and Jeff Skinner are accomplished figure-skaters turned hockey-pros.

Skinner stood out offensively earning 2 points last night with one goal and one assist. Skinner and the Hurricane’s thirty-nine-saves-last-night goalie, Cam Ward will be together at the 2011 All-Star game. Their ages together add up to that of Detroit’s solo All-Star, Captain Nicklas Lidstrom. Hurricane’s captain, Eric Staal, who played rough against his brother Marc last night, will also be representing Carolina at home during All-Star week.

So no worries, Detroit. I could never leave you for the Rangers. I do, however, think it would be wise not to underestimate Carolina’s youth…especially during trading season. As for my final thoughts? I’ll borrow the words straight from last night’s commentary:

“Rangers have had chances. Haven’t been able to finish. Carolina on the other hand, has been able to finish.”

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